Twitter Followers

Are these real followers?
These are real twitter accounts with real tweets.

How do you deliver twitter followers?
We maintain a database of over 1,000,000 twitter profiles with various interests and locations who have expressed an interest in following people with similar interests. When we receive an order, we send out invitations to these followers to review and possibly follow the person on the invite.

Do the Twitter followers have a complete profile or egg profile?
Most have profiles, some may have eggs.

Do you need a password?
No. Our twitter service does not require a password.

How fast can you deliver followers?
On average we will deliver between 30-50 followers per day. Some days may be slower while others are faster.

What is the timeframe for a twitter order to start?
Twitter orders are usually started the next business day.

If Twitter followers dropped, are you replacing it to match the order amount?
If a follower is dropped our system will watch the account for 6 months, and replace any drops. Additionally, if there are any offensive followers, the person can unfollow them and they should get replaced. Our system always over delivers the follower amounts to compensate for future drops as well. So then you will always have more than your purchase.

Please note: We will deliver from Mon – Fri, business hours
8 am and 4 pm CST M-F. We also process approvals at 8 AM CST on Saturdays.
CST Time – Check here!


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